Patrick PARNIERE is a partner of the SCHRECKENBERG, PARNIERE & ASSOCIES practice in Strasbourg, which mainly works in the business law field and has ten lawyers.

He is the manager of DIRO-EWIV, a European organisation of lawyers, which includes nearly 200 practices in all European countries.

Mr PARNIERE is a member of the administrative board of the Strasbourg bar association.

Mr PARNIERE was born in 1967 in Offenburg (Germany).

He went to high school in Germany and then studied law at the University of Strasbourg.

He concluded his studies in 1992 with an international and business law specialisation.

He then went to law school in Strasbourg and has been authorised as a lawyer since 1994.

Apart from the development of his practice, has been involved in the organisation of lawyers, DIRO, after several years of activity in the supervisory bodies of DIRO and in committees, in spring 2010 he was elected to be the president of this association.