Thomas Reimann, born 1960, graduated with a law degree from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. He was admitted to the Zurich and all Swiss Bars in 1989. From 1986 until 1991 Thomas worked as associate in various business law firms in Zurich where he gained his first international legal experience, specialising in contract, corporate and commercial law. In 1991 he moved into industry and worked as legal general counsel for a major PLC in the textile machinery industry. During this time, he was mainly involved in the international merger and acquisition side of the group and restructuring schemes. His role also took him to Germany and to the United States, where he was responsible for the international legal aspects of the operations of the group. This deepened his understanding and professional experience of cross-border transactions involving both civil and common law systems. 


In 1994 Thomas returned to private legal practice when he became one of the founding partners of a business law firm with offices in Zurich, Bern and Geneva. Beginning 2000, Thomas Reimann merged his legal practice with Lutz Rechtsanwälte becoming a partner of the firm (now: Legis Rechtsanwälte AG).


Thomas is member of the Zurich and Swiss Bar association and of a number of other legal profession societies and networks. His main areas of practice and experience include contract, corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of businesses, insolvency and bankruptcy matters, including international enforcement. Thomas also works as a mediator in commercial disputes and is board member of various operational companies doing business in Switzerland and abroad. 





Legis Rechtsanwälte AG

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CH-8032 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 560 80 80

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