Dr. Christian Lindemann, LL.M., born in 1968, completed his studies at the Universities of Tübingen (Germany) and Leuven (Belgium). He is a member of the law office Völker & Partner in Reutlingen since 1998 and he became a partner in 2003. Before joining Völker& Partner, he did spend some time of his legal education at a law firm in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Lindemann is Certified Expert Attorney for Intellectual Property Law.


His favored expertise lies in: Mergers and Acquisition (specialized in Intellectual Property Due Diligences), Licensing, contracts and co-operations in respect to research and development, intellectual property litigations, international trade law.


Dr. Lindemann is a member of the German Association on Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law (GRUR). He serves as managing partner of Völker & partner since 2011







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