Dr. Bertram Schacker (*1958) is attorney-at-law and notary public. He is admitted to the Bar in Germany and New York. 


After an apprenticeship with Bankhaus Lampe in Bielefeld he studied law at Bayreuth University and at the University of Georgia/USA. Since 1987 Dr. Schacker has been Associate and since 1989 Partner of Streitbörger Speckmann/Bielefeld. He is working in the field of company law and related areas where he is a respected advisor for the management, the supervisory boards or the shareholders of mostly mid-sized and large private and public companies in all relevant matters such as incorporation, preparation of general assemblies, change of corporate form, mergers and acquisitions, corporate succession and litigation between shareholders and company or among shareholders.


Dr. Schacker is member of several supervisory boards. He is member of the Board of Examiners for the public accountant examination in Düsseldorf. 



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