ebl Workshop on March 2014 in Barcelona

The ebl, a practice group of the German-European solicitors network DIRO, has continued its series of international workshops with a meeting in MArch 2014 in Barcelona. The participants of the two day workshop discussed actual developments in national and European corporate law and case studies.


ebl focuses on optimising Standards in cross-border Projects

Over 30 ebl-lawyers and invited executives from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK participated at IESE Business School in Barcelona on managing virtual teams. An important step in providing increased quality and service in cross-border projects is the optimization of procedural standards for teams who are often only working together for a short period of time.

The ebl, a practice group of the German-European solicitors network DIRO, has identified a need for action in this regard, especially for team working between internal and external European commercial lawyers and European taxation experts.

European companies are often faced with the challenge of forming a project team of internal colleagues and external advisers to work on a legal or taxation matter. This team will work together for a short period of time in order to achieve solutions in accordance with all European jurisdictions involved. Although great physical distances are involved and the team members often only know each other fleetingly, it is of the utmost importance for the success of the project that the team runs smoothly right from the start. How can trust and an efficient working structure be achieved for these so-called virtual teams?

The one day workshop entitled "EFFECTIVE VIRTUAL TEAMS FOR INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PROJECTS" took place at the IESE Business School in Barcelona for DIRO Members and their invited guests. The workshop focused on identifying and controlling the typical obstacles and conflicts of project working and how to develop continuous procedural standards for the cooperation within a European Team. The workshop in March 2012 was specifically focused on the topics of Communication and Hierarchy.

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